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      With national entertainment acts, events and activities for all ages, and some of the largest parades in Michigan, the Tulip Time Festival offers world-class fun!

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      • Tulips
        The Holland, Michigan area boasts nearly 5 million tulips, planted & ready to burst forth in bloom in early spring. Tulips are located in City parks, at public attractions, and along City streets. Here you will find great details about the star of the show!
        • Dutch Heritage
          Celebrate the rich Dutch heritage and culture of the founders of Holland, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Macatawa & Lake Michigan.
        • Food Vendor Opportunities

          Tulip Time manages ONLY two food vendor areas and gives those vendors from the previous year first opportunity to secure space, therefore any room for new vendors is very limited if available at all. No vendors are allowed on public property other than these two areas. Once Tulip Time has accepted a vendor they will be added to the approved list which is given to City Hall for licensing. Only vendors on this list will be licensed for these areas.

          Tulip Time areas include:

          1. Fireworks at Kollen Park – Located near 10th Street & VanRaalte Avenue. Draws thousands of residents. Event begins at 6pm with live entertainment and a fireworks display around 10pm.
          2. Civic Center – Located between Maple Avenue & Pine Avenue, along 8th Street. Primary customers are parade bleacher ticket holders and carnival attendees.

          If Tulip Time spaces are full, vendors must secure their own space with a private property owner. Tulip Time and City Hall do not have lists of these owners. Once space is secured through your own research, a letter of permission from the property owner must be brought to the City Clerk’s office for proper licenses.

          New Vendors: If you are a new vendor please mail your contact information, menu and a photo of your wagon to julian@tuliptime.com or call 1800.822.2770 x110.
          Important Note: sending this information does not automatically reserve the space. You will be notified if your menu fits any openings we may have.

          Licenses: All licenses are regulated by the City of Holland. Tulip Time area food vendors must first be approved by the festival, then be placed on an official list given to the city. Each Tulip Time approved vendor is then responsible for securing his own licenses, after approval, through the City of Holland. Private property vendors must first secure a letter of permission from the property owner before applying for a license. All licenses must be applied for 10 days prior to the first day of operation or a late fee or denial of license will occur. For information on these licenses, please visit the city of Holland’s licensing page.

          City of Holland Transient Merchant Information Form
          City of Holland Credit Card Card Agreement