Lucy Collins - 2019 AIB Top 20 Finalist

Lucy Collins was first introduced to art in grad school and has had a passion for it ever since. She studied art in England, where she completed a year of study at Epsom School of Art and Design. She also earned a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, a BA in Education at the University of Toledo and took several courses through Oxbow, a division of the Chicago Institute of Art. After earning a Master’s Degree in Adult and Higher Education from Grand Valley State University, Collins developed and taught art curriculum to all grade levels. In her spare time, her favorite media to work with includes painting with oils or watercolors and advanced work in ceramics.

When describing the inspiration for her Art In Bloom piece, Collins states, “My painting, ‘A Perfect Reflection,’ exemplifies and personifies the beauty, purity and grace of the cultural heritage that ties our city of Holland with the Netherlands. It also reflects the honesty, hard work, sportsmanship, artistic and craft skills, as well as leadership in world markets. Inspiration for my painting is symbolized, as in a perfect mirrored image, in Dutch costumes, ethics, style, design, architecture and fashion. Reflection is also portrayed in our city from the Netherlands in color, pattern, food, festival, dance, cleanliness and many other traditions.”