Join the Dance

The Tulip Time story starts with a school teacher and 100,000 tulip bulbs. Lida Rogers taught high school biology in Holland, Michigan. It was 1927 when Lida first advocated for a town flower to commemorate Holland’s unique heritage and a festival day for the town to celebrate tulips together. Two years later (1929), the city council planted 100,000 tulips in preparation for Tulip Day.

Much has grown over 89 years. Today, Tulip Time celebrates over 5 million tulips each year. Now, we commemorate our heritage with 700 klompen dancers, each dressed in authentic Dutch regalia to represent the different provinces of the Netherlands. The festival spans nine days, conducting parades, igniting fireworks and drawing together national talent, diverse cultures and people from all over the country. We’ve been heralded as the nation’s Best Flower Festival, America’s Best Small Town Festival and even the 2017 Tulip Festival of the Year. Each year, our story keeps unfolding, embracing new people and new stories, celebrating difference and welkoming all to Holland, Michigan and inviting everyone to join the dance.