Do you need a tulip fix? Enjoy this wonderful video courtesy of City of Holland Television.

While Tulip Time is celebrated each spring, the fall is also time for tulips – time to plant them, that is! If you’re like most people, you may be asking yourself “Now where did I put that paper bag with the tulip bulbs I dug up last spring?” Well, whether you found your bag or recently purchased your bulbs, fall is the time to plant the tulips!

Planting tulip bulbs is a great way to welcome spring with a gorgeous, colorful garden. Following a few guidelines, your bulbs will "rest" over the winter months and emerge in the spring with rich, green foliage and beautiful blooms.

Here are some tips from our experts on how to plant a beautiful tulip garden:

  1. Plant bulbs about two weeks before the first frost.
  2. Plant bulbs in well-drained soil.
  3. Dig a hole about six to eight inches deep and fertilize.
  4. Lay mulch over bulbs to help with drainage.
  5. Step back and wait for spring!
  6. Once your tulips have bloomed, cut stem at base when petals fall off the bloom.
  7. Prune back leaves once they are brown and shriveled at the base.
  8. The bulbs will go dormant in fall/winter and will grow again the following spring!