Contact the Tulip Time Festival office at 800-822-2770 or locally at 616-396-4221.


Gwen Auwerda
Executive Director
Extension 113

Michelle Boerger
Volunteer Coordinator
Extension 108

Abby Conrad
Graphic Design/Social Media
Extension 102

Amanda Cooper
Dutch Dance Program Coordinator
Extension 105

Chris DeVisser
Guide Coordinator

Mary Hilldore
Office Manager/Guest Services
Extension 106

Kathy Korzinek 
Webmaster/Digital Advertising

Darlene Kuipers
Director of Business Development                
Extension 111

Torri Raterink
Parade Coordinator/Event Planner
Extension 117,

Kara Rooks
Event Planner/Intern Coordinator
Extension 114

Rachel Syens
Group Sales/Event Planner
Extension 112,

Julian Tonning
Operations Coordinator
Extension 110

Elizabeth Wallace
Event Planner/Guest Services
Extension 104

Susan Zalnis
Programming/Marketing/Public Relations
Extension 107

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