Red Tulip

New Holland's Red Tulip — first brewed in 2005. And the history of Red Tulip as a celebratory beer is much like the rest of our town at this time of year: festive and welcoming. 

The best mark of hospitality is an offering of comfort and Red Tulip has that attribute as a corner stone of its flavor. Nice sweet malts with just a hint of toastiness in the finish greets locals and tourists alike. The beer is nice and smooth with a creamy head that pillows atop the beer, but the finest quality of this offering during a time where every pupil in Ottawa County is focused on a dazzling array of colors is its ruby hue. A moderate ABV of 5% encourages several rounds for all comers. 

From a historical perspective this beer has always served the purpose of quenching the thirst of Tulip Time Festival goers. With 17 Tulip Times under our belt at our downtown Holland location it is always exciting to celebrate with so many of our neighbors and mark the beginning of a long, beautiful season on the lakeshore. Red Tulip is our expression of that excitement. We are fortunate to see so many Tulip Time attendees at the Pub on 8th so it brings us great pleasure to offer this beer during a time when Holland welcomes travelers from all over the world. Nothing less than a world class beer would be a proper welkom!

Here’s a list of local establishments where you can enjoy the Red Tulip!