Here's To Tulip Time

Looking back at what this week would have been, we are understandably disappointed that we had to take the drastic measure of cancelling the festival. But hope blooms and we have seen some wonderful and encouraging things through this Tulip Time week!

The spirit of our Dutch Dancers is everywhere!
From dancers sharing videos from their driveways to groups creatively sharing pictures while ‘staying home and staying safe’ – it’s been wonderful to see. Their 50+ performances would have made for a very busy, tiring week but we know they would have loved every single minute entertaining visitors and locals alike. And many did what they could to share that love this past week.

The love of all things Tulip Time!
From your merchandise purchases to sharing pictures of past parades, events, festival food and your support of our special Silkscreen Marketing items reminds us that 90 years of history affords the festival a special place in many hearts – near and far. We feel your love and for all current and past staff members, it has been so heartwarming. Click the image below to see and purchase products from this campaign.

90 years of memories shared through #TulipTimeMemories.
Our social media feeds and messages were full of unique and stunning images that you shared with #TulipTimeMemories. How could we not take hope from the powerful memories and the excitement of making new memories in the years to come? From family traditions to bucket list trips, you shared what was special to YOU about the festival. Please, keep on sharing!

Your support through GoFundMe.
Missing out on all revenue for the festival was devastating to our organization. We are diligently working to recover and with the “Stand With Us” GoFundMe campaign we are making strides to bring Tulip Time back in 2021. Every single donation is a meaningful step and an encouragement to the Board and staff. Click the image below to see and donate to this campaign.

We know this pandemic and its effects are certainly not limited to our organization. Our whole community is working together to persevere and rebuild what makes Holland, Michigan such a wonderful place. The creation of #OneHolland through the Small Business Collective shares the spirit of unity and support for those in need. .Click the image below to see and purchase shirts from this campaign.

And of course, millions of tulips!
The pandemic meant nothing to the stars of the show and they showed up big time this year. The blooms were spectacular and we can’t wait to share them with the world again next year!

So as an organization, we express our heartfelt appreciation for what would have been…and what we can hope for. Here’s to the Tulip Time Festival!