Stunning Images from Photo Walks

Over the course of the week of Tulip Time 2022, we hosted 6 different photo walk events. Photography buffs were able to join two local photographers, Kathy Odiorne and Heidi Quellet, on an exclusive early morning or evening photo shoot of Windmill Island Gardens in full festival bloom. The duo, who became long-time friends through Professional Photographers of America, shared tips on how to compose and light landscapes and architecture while touring the beautiful island gardens.

Attendees were able to submit a photo to be considered for "best picture" during their session. With so many amazing shots, Heidi and Kathy selected winners AND an honorable mention runner up for each class.
05/09 pm - First Place: Tillman,  Runner Up: Wolfe
05/10 am - First Place: DeRidder,  Runner Up: Brault
05/10 pm - First Place: Newsome,  Runner Up: Nordyke
05/11 pm - First Place: Colegrove,  Runner Up: S. Moore
05/12 am - First Place: DeHaan,  Runner Up: VanEerden
05/12 pm - First Place: Leschman,  Runner Up: Pryor

Below is a look at all of the first place images.

The weather and the tulips were exceptional through the week and allowed all photo walk sessions to go on as scheduled with breathtaking results. These photo walk events have become a popular addition to the Tulip Time Festival line up. Watch for details and information about 2023 events and activities coming in the fall.

More about the photographers that lead our 2022 Photo Walks

Heidi Quellet
Heidi uses photography, mixed media and graphic design to connect with others. A recipient of national and international awards, her landscapes have been displayed at state exhibitions and events, including Art Prize. Heidi’s work has been described as peaceful and spiritual. She applies her marketing and teaching background to help people create meaningful art.

Kathy Odiorne
As a member of Professional Photographers of America, Kathy has received awards and recognition on the state, national, and international level, and has had her art displayed at Art Prize, Festival of the Arts and other juried exhibits. As a retired nurse, she views her photography as a healing art and a spiritual experience and it is her desire to inspire others on their journey through life.